Easily Accept Card Payments On Your Mobile Phone

Simple. All you need to accept card payments is your mobile phone. No external card reader required.

Ditch the cables and troublesome connections and use the device you already carry in your pocket.

Now available in US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore.

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Experience truly mobile and contactless payments.


How it Works

Tap On Mobile

Tap on Mobile functionality relies on the NFC (Near Field Communications) capability of compatible Android devices to securely read information from Contactless Cards.

NFC is a set of short-range wireless technologies, typically requiring a distance of 4cm or less to initiate a connection. NFC allows compatible Android devices to share small payloads of data with a Contactless payment card or another NFC capable device.

The card being used for payment has to be a Contactless payment card or loaded into a digital wallet such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, in order for the card to be able to interact with the mobile device via NFC.

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Compatible Devices

We are working hard to increase the number of supported devices. Currently, contactless payments are supported on Samsung Galaxy S10 devices running Android 9 or higher.

Due to the stringent hardware and security requirements required to safely and securely process card payments via NFC, any potential devices have to be thoroughly vetted. The devices also have to be approved by the card issuing networks.

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Accepted Payment Types

At the current time, Visa and MasterCard issued debit and credit cards can be used as well as ApplePay, Google Pay and SamsungPay mobile wallets. The payments have to be PIN-free

Other cards such as American Express, Discover, JCB, etc. are not currently supported, but efforts are ongoing to include more card types.

The Tap on Mobile feature is currently available for US based merchants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I accept Chip and Magnetic Cards?

The Tap on Mobile capability only works with Contactless cards or cards that have been loaded into a digital wallet such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. However, we know that turning away a customer is never a good solution. We strongly recommend having a physical card reader as a backup. We support palm sized Bluetooth card readers which you can easily carry around and use in conjunction with your mobile phone to accept Chip and Magnetic cards.

Can I accept American Express and Discover Cards? Can I capture signatures or PINs on my mobile device?

At the current time, the Tap on Mobile capability directly accepts Visa and MasterCard contactless cards as well as American Express and Discover Cards that have been loaded into a digital wallet such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. Tap of Mobile is not currently able to directly accept physical American Express and Discover cards. But we know you are loath to turn away a customer so we strongly recommend having a physical card reader to handle those cards that are not supported by Tap on Mobile. See all the available options here

Can I capture signatures or PINs on my mobile device

Tap on Mobile does not support payments that require a PIN or signature. If you need to handle such payments, we recommend a backup countertop card reader such as the BBPOS WisePOS-E. See all the available options here.

Can I use this on my iPhone/iPad/iOS device?

At the current time, the Tap on Mobile capability is not available on iPhone/iPad/iOS devices. Only compatible Android devices running Android version 9 and higher are supported.

Is there a cap on the amount that can be charged ?

For contactless card transactions above certain amounts (see table here), some card issuers may require additional cardholder verification methods (CVM) such as PIN entry. As the Stripe Tap on Mobile solution does not yet support PIN capture, you may see higher rates of issuer declines for transactions above these amounts. NFC wallet payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay may not be subject to these same limits. We recommend you first try collecting payment with the mobile device and having a physical card reader as a fallback. See available options here.

What fees/commissions apply?

For Payments that are charged using Tap on Mobile, Krossroads accesses a tiny 0.5% Transaction fee. The regular Stripe account fees also apply. There are no monthly fees, setup fees or equipment fees. Stripe fees vary by territory, so please check your Stripe account for the applicable fees or consult with your Stripe account representative.

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