Choose your ideal Stripe Card Reader

Security & Reliability

As a business owner, you wan to be sure that your payment processing operations are secure and reliable. Stripe offers a range of card readers that are PCI Level 5 compliant and have been tested and proven to perform reliably under demanding conditions.


Whether your payment processing is done at the counter, on the shop floor, on the go or using self service kiosks, there is a Stripe card reader to suit your particular requirements. If you are unsure about which card reader to go with, we would be glad to discuss options with you. Talk to us now!

How to choose

Every business has unique requirements. We advice our customers to choose a payment solution that best fits how they conduct their business. For example, a business that does both in-store and mobile business might be best served by having a counter top card reader for the store and a separate Bluetooth card reader for mobile operations.

Regardless of which solution you opt for, there are some standard features you can expect to get with your Stripe card reader:

Support for swipe, chip card and contactless payments including Apple Pay and Google Pay

Secure end-to-end encryption, P2PE ready

Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity

Cloud based hardware management

No leasing or monthly payments. Hardware is purchased outright